Thursday, January 13, 2011

Throw dem' bows with Kenpo X (Day 13!)

Oh how we dragged ourselves to the gym this morning. Thank Goodness getting to the gym just means getting on an elevator to the ground floor then going down to another flight of stairs lol. I swear - being able to roll to the gym in your pjs/sweats while it's 20 degrees outside is a luxury we are super grateful for. Kenpo X started out slow for us but again,used a bosu for all kicks. This time though, we threw on the boxing gloves for all the punching exercises which pushed us to exert just that little extra energy. We did find ourselves to be quite sore all around but by the end of the workout we were awake and ready for the day. What were everyone's workouts today?

Btw- welcome to all the new followers to the blog. Thank you - we consider you part of our S&S squad!!


  1. Hey there - you posted a comment on my blog. Good luck! I did p90x for 90 days already, and am trying insanity now. But wanted to add p90x arms - because I don't like that insanity has no weight lifting!

  2. Hey there... thanks for visiting my blog! Beachbody has been good to me... this time last year I started P90x then I almost finished Insanity and now I am trying doubles (P90x classic - round 2 and Turbo Fire during lunch)... in one year I lost 30 pounds and replaced some fat with muscle. I know that this is going to be MY year with Beachbody and by the end of the year I WILL have the body that I have always wanted.

    Make it a great day and I will follow your blog!

  3. Hey!
    KenpoX is probably one of my favorites in the P90x program!

    In fact - I am scheduled for Kenpo tonight! I did Back/Legs yesterday and realllllly pushed myself!

    That is super nice to be able to stumble downstairs to your gym instead of going out! I'm diong my P90x from home...So, I avoid going out in the cold AND I avoid the over-crowded gym filled w/ the New Year resolution people!
    Good Luck!