Thursday, January 27, 2011

Make yourself ship-shape-sharp! (NTC- Day 27)

So we woke up to this:

about 10" of snow fell overnight shutting down the city today... sort of. S&S still has to go work (boo!). I think hibernation mode was in full force last night because Sariah overslept :) Nevertheless we still made it to the gym to fit in a 45 min full-body workout.

Instead of core synergistics we pulled out another Nike Training club workout. This one was under the "get Strong" category and was intermediate level called "worth the Weight" It was a goooood one. It was a bit like circuit training in that each exercise was about 30 sec - 1 min long with only a few recovery rests (like 3) during the entire workout. It was nice that it finished with about 5 min to stretch as well. Anyhow we really like these NTC workouts and highly recommend a download of this free app. Plus those models are DEISEL. we are in awe. Here's a little inspiration for all you ladies (and men) out there


  1. Where'd you guys get the Nike video? Are they follow along workouts or dvd's or what? Cool moves!

  2. it's an app I downloaded on my iphone from the itunes app store. it's a total follow-along workout that i play off my phone while sariah and I are in the gym. the whole thing is timed: 30-45min full workouts or 15 min workouts for specific targeted areas (abs, arms, back, etc). A narrator lady talks to you throughout the workout. it's pretty awesome and we love the few we've already tried!



    you can find some of the exercises on the NikeWomen channel on youtube.